Anxiety Anxiety is normal during times such as these but as someone who often experiences mild anxiety and who works with clients who bring anxiety as a reason for accessing therapy to sessions in the first place its important to explore how disruptive and debilitating anxiety can become. It’s important to try to relax and […]

The Final Count Down. Fego boys and the Kings.

The final countdown The music came to an abrupt end For a moment Kunle couldn’t believe what was actually happening. He had seen his parents leave earlier that morning to catch their flight to the airport. He couldn’t understand why they were standing there before him, just as the party was heating up. He wasn’t […]

I only ♥️you because… Create an internal love for yourself.

I only ❤️ you because …. (The Self-Concept)Create an internal ♥️ for yourself. The Self Concept is often altered because love is sometimes conditional. In some families children are only loved when they outperform their peers at school. They are loved when they do well academically and they are loved when they follow a chosen […]

I am every woman, happy international women’s day. ❤️

Today across the globe women are celebrated and revered. They are hailed for their strength, for their fragility, vulnerability, their uniqueness and their difference. When I was growing up in my early twenties I loved to hang out with the guys I had several close male friends but fast forward years later I discovered the […]

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