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Its 9:16am and I am sitting alone in a partially empty, trendy cafe in Hoxton, East London drinking an over priced Cappuccino from a glass cup . My thoughts go back to the last conversation I had with a former client of mine 3 years ago. I felt surprisingly emotional knowing that this would be our final session. I rarely feel this way during the end of a session but there was a steadiness and gentleness to the relationship that had developed in my work with this client and I was sorry that today would be the last time I would see her.

The progress that she had made through eight sessions was evident to see and as we reviewed our work together she told me first hand about the progress she had made and how therapy had enabled her to become more open in her relationships outside of the therapy room. However, she felt that the initial reason for coming to therapy was still a work in progress. In retrospect it was our final conversation that touched me the most. She desperately wanted to pursue a career in a certain field but didn’t feel equipped to do so.

We explored ways to make this happen in previous sessions. She informed me that she had responded to an email related to an opportunity that had presented itself. A few days later she received a response. It was an offer to mingle not a conventional response and not one she was expecting but an opportunity to say the least.

We explored the benefits of attending this event. Struggling with issues of self doubt made it difficult for my client to accept this opportunity. We both agreed that this unconventional invitation was an opportunity to potentially make things happen, we explored how difficult it was for her to get out of her comfort zone and to meander into unknown territory.

We both concluded that in order to make things happen she had to first take the plunge. We both knew this wasn’t going to be an easy task. We discussed at length her fears and concerns and were both in agreement that facing her fear would make it possible to make things happen in the short term.

Published by The Storyteller

Teacher, therapist, writer, humanitarian and activist. Writing is my passion. There are a number of things I hold close to my heart social injustice equality, fairness, and nature. My stories are fiction but there is often a therapeutic spin to the tales. Most especially tales from the therapist's chair. I hope you enjoy my work.

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  1. I like that the therapist and client professional relationship is conveyed, through the therapist lens with professional warmth,. It shows what can be achieved within short term quality therapeutic sessions, and the benefit of collaboration, enabling the client to face her fears.
    I was thoroughly engaged.


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